Announcing VVK Fellowship

My first job in TV was as a producer trainee, a one-year fellowship at WDIV-Local 4. That opportunity was everything to me. It was producer bootcamp where I met a forever mentor, lifelong friends, and launched a 20-plus year broadcasting career with the station that gave me a start. At this point in my life, opening the door for others is my commitment. Peter and Mike are in total agreement.

We’ve created an opportunity for up-and-coming communication professionals who want to work in PR to be able to learn about client relationships, new business, company operations.

To advance our company mission of fostering a diverse talent pipeline into the agency and industry, the VVK Fellowship will be focused on attracting budding practitioners of color who are interested in learning the agency environment, its clients’ industries, and developing their communications skills. Diversity of experiences and points-of-view come in many packages. The opportunity is open to everyone.

VVK Fellowship is a 12-month agency intensive full-time job complete with accounts and mentorship. The person will learn both PR and video production, the business of entrepreneurship, and will help us build the VVK culture. Each of us on the VVK team started somewhere and we would be thrilled to have a talented person start with us.

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Jamie Kaye Walters, COO/Head of Marketing & Talent