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Detroit Future City

2030 Vision for Detroit

Executive Positioning, Video Production, Media Relations

Client Overview

VVK PR + Creative’s CEO Peter Van Dyke has led communications for Detroit Future City (DFC) since the organization’s inception 10+ years ago. Through the support of integrated communications plan development and implementation, DFC’s presence has grown from a start-up nonprofit to a highly regarded and nationally recognized “think and do tank” dedicated to economic equity in Detroit.  VVK manages all communications strategy for DFC including media relations, executing and organizational positioning, marketing, and video projections, as well as web management, digital and social media consultation.


VVK led the announcement of the DFC 2030 Vision for Detroit, which outlined strategies to grow Detroit’s African American middle class. One of the main focuses of our work was to promote DFC’s work toward an equitable Detroit, and our client team assisted in the production of the 2030 vision’s strategic production messaging. This effort including a strategic communications strategy, media briefings that resulted in extensive coverage including a comprehensive piece in Crain’s Detroit Business, as well as the production of a 2030 Vision video to announce the plan. VVK also managed the social media, website, and newsletter strategy implementation.  


In partnering with VVK, DFC’s 2030 vision campaign emphasized the importance of 1. Growing the number of resilient, thriving neighborhoods that attract and retain residents of diverse incomes and backgrounds, and 2. Disrupt systemic racism, poverty, and other inequities to grow household income and wealth for Black Detroiters and other Detroiters of color. VVK’s efforts were able to garner:

  • Various media inquiries and articles
  • Over three thousand website views
  • Over five thousand estimated social media views
  • Nearly five hundred social media engagements