Case Studies


Marathon Petroleum Corporation’s (MPC) Detroit Refinery 

Connecting with Detroiters


For decades, Marathon Petroleum Corporation’s (MPC) Detroit Refinery had faced criticism over pollution issues. With multiple industrial operations in Southwest Detroit, the challenge was significant. MPC aimed to transform its public image, mend ties with city officials, and enhance local living conditions.


The VVK PR + Creative team implemented a multifaceted approach, focusing on:

  • Broadcasting MPC’s environmental efforts.
  • Creating a community relations program influenced by local residents.
  • Aligning CAP objectives with corporate social responsibility.
  • Establishing partnerships with neighborhood non-profits.
  • Launching a series of community-service events named Fueling Detroit.
  • Initiating the Boynton Purchase Program.


  • Improved local relationships, as demonstrated by high participation in community events and strong support from the Kemeny Center.
  • Productive CAP meetings with active environmental discussions.
  • Increased school enrollment and attendance at the Mark Twain School for Scholars.
  • Praise from DPSCD Superintendent for the MPC-school partnership.
  • Positive shifts in media coverage and recognition for MPC’s community outreach efforts.

In conclusion, MPC’s strategic engagement led to a marked improvement in community relations and media perception within the Detroit area.