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Empowering Educators, Transforming Futures

Organization Launch, Video Production, Media Relations, Executive Positioning, Social Media


TeachMichigan, an ambitious five-year initiative, is at the forefront of transforming educational landscapes in under-resourced schools across Michigan. Comprehending the significance of high-impact educators in shaping equitable education, TeachMichigan has engineered strategies to retain and develop these key figures in a profession facing the daunting challenges of attrition and lack of incentives.


TeachMichigan faces high rates of teacher turnover and a lack of sufficient incentives to retain educators.

Our Video Solutions

A comprehensive media campaign was built around TeachMichigan’s narrative, featuring:

  • Impactful videos conveying goals and teacher stories.
  • Engaging commercials that illustrated the vision of TeachMichigan.
  • Vibrant social media content that highlighted success stories and mobilized community support.
  • Event recaps celebrating milestones and reinforcing participant investment.
  • Documentary-style teacher profiles that spotlighted the inspiring journeys of educators.


The strategic content amplified TeachMichigan’s reach, improving engagement metrics and bringing the plight and dedication of educators to a broader audience.