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The Sam Bernstein Law Firm

Second Generation

Video Production, digital content creation, event support


The Sam Bernstein Law Firm stands as one of the top broadcast advertisers in Michigan. As law the law firm’s founder, Sam Bernstein began his gradual succession plan, needed a creative partner that would help them gracefully make the transition. From 2015 to 2024, VVK’s video department, which was once the production company Velocity Cow, has been the driving force behind all the law firm’s commercials and digital video content. VVK’s expertise has ensured a seamless delivery of this content to media outlets across the state, reinforcing The Sam Bernstein Law Firm’s prominence.


VVK created a strong partnership with the law firm and produced more than 500 commercials over nine years. Two of the more well-known commercials were “Sports Trivia” and the “Insurance Company Choir” which were created for local and statewide broadcasts of the Super Bowl. Our production team also took an innovative approach to three seasons of the “Call Sam Chopper Shop,” an episodic reality program. This show highlighted the design, build, and reveal of a unique motorcycle, which was raffled off to support Volunteers of America. Hosted by Detroit Red Wings legend Darren McCarty and attorney Mark Bernstein, the program not only entertained but also underscored the law firm’s commitment to helping veterans.


The strategic and creative efforts underpinned by VVK have cemented The Sam Bernstein Law Firm’s reputation as a leading advertiser in Michigan. The “Call Sam Chopper Shop” initiative alone brought in over eight million views, significantly boosting the firm’s visibility and reinforcing its community-centric values. The successful broadcast and digital content production over nearly a decade has kept The Sam Bernstein Law Firm at the forefront of the legal advertising space in Michigan.