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Video Production

Client Overview

WDIV, the Graham Media Group-owned NBC affiliate in Detroit, teamed up with VVK PR + Creative (formerly Velocity Cow) to amplify their advertising offerings, enhancing creative quality and operational efficiency. For 15 years, the agency was an extension of the broadcast station by supporting the local sales department and some of Graham Media Group’s corporate needs.


As client demands grew, WDIV recognized the need for better quality in video production. VVK PR + Creative (Velocity Cow) was enlisted to fulfill this demand at scale.


VVK PR + Creative (formerly Velocity Cow) was tasked with producing 500-750 commercials annually, each demanding a high quality that stood out in the competitive market.


  • Enhanced creative reputation for WDIV, attracting more clients.
  • Customized high-quality commercial content production.
  • Heightened client satisfaction with better-performing ads and smoother production process.
  • Strengthened VVK PR + Creative’s (Velocity Cow) position as a leader in creative media production at local and corporate levels.