Bridget Doyle


Bridget is entering her senior year at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication. She began her internship with VVK in May 2024.

Her passion for public relations ignited last fall when she took on the role of PR director for a semester-long class project. Determined to gain more practical experience, Bridget joined VVK to immerse herself further in the field.

Her meticulous attention to detail was honed during her stint as a Research Transcriptionist at the Wisconsin Surgical Outcomes Research Program. There, she transcribed medical interviews, focus groups, and research questionnaires, ensuring each transcription accurately reflected the conversation's flow, maintained grammatical correctness, and adhered to HIPAA regulations. Additionally, she performed quality checks on her colleagues' transcriptions.

At VVK, Bridget is integrated into various account teams, actively learning from and contributing to both client projects and internal operations.