Kyle Fields

Production Manager + Director of Photography

Kyle Fields, the Production Manager and Director of Photography at VVK, embodies the film industry professional. With over 6 years working freelance film and commercial production, he knows what it takes for a story to come to life. Kyle’s technical expertise leads him to being well-informed on trends in camera, recording, and editing technologies.

Kyle takes great care to consider the perspective of target audiences to communicate each production’s messaging effectively. Most recently, he was the Assistant Director of Multimedia at Central Michigan University’s University Communications department which was responsible for the marketing and branding of the institution. Notable achievements include the production of a higher education commercial campaign that won five awards and a Michigan Emmy nomination. Beyond film, Kyle boasts a master’s degree in business administration. He works with a process-driven and data conscious mindset.

Kyle is deeply passionate about his work and others. Proactive and diligent communication complements his commitment to being an empathetic collaborator. An avid backpacker, film photographer, and vinyl collector, he cherishes genuine and authentic experiences. A life-long Michigander and two-time graduate of Central Michigan University, he loves his home state and the Great Lakes.