Laura O'Connor

Senior Executive Counsel

Laura O’Connor is a lifelong strategic marketing and communications professional who is dedicated to collaborating with organizations that engage in impactful work with integrity. With over 20 years of experience in marketing and communications, Laura began working with VVK PR + Creative in 2023. She specializes in brand messaging, storytelling, content development, strategic communications planning, and marketing strategy. When combining two or more of these skills to assist in building a new company or initiative, Laura excels.

Laura’s expertise lies in working with nonprofits, foundations, and other mission-driven companies to elevate brands, craft compelling narratives, and lead strategic communications and media campaigns that advance organizational goals. She is regarded as a creative storyteller, trusted advisor, and dedicated people leader. During her time at Burness, Laura collaborated with esteemed foundations, social justice nonprofits, and public health organizations to develop and launch innovative content strategies that facilitated growth and obtained new funding sources. Prior to Burness, she served as an overseer of a 9-member marketing and communications team responsible for digital engagement, marketing, and brand oversight at the Alliance for a Healthier Generation—a Clinton Foundation initiative. Together, they provided support to 25,000+ schools in their efforts to improve the health of over 31 million children in the U.S.

Laura’s process is iterative, intentional, and inventive. Throughout her career, she has enjoyed collaborating with thoughtful and committed stakeholders to bring big ideas to life across platforms, design and implement comprehensive communications and marketing plans, and convene key spokespeople for critical initiatives that drive social impact. Her background encompasses diverse industries and companies of all sizes, with a focus on public health, education, and racial and gender equity.