Michelle Oliver

Senior Video Producer

Michelle Oliver, the Senior Video Producer at VVK, is a problem-solving powerhouse who oversees projects from start to finish. With her extensive experience as a multi-media journalist on the acclaimed show Live in the D (WDIV, NBC Detroit), Michelle is a talented and dedicated worker. From conceptualizing to editing, she handles all aspects of content creation and often takes on-air roles as well. I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with her at WDIV.

Notably, Michelle is known as “the food lady” around metro Detroit. Through her popular series “Dine in the D,” she has spotlighted more than 300 local restaurants, providing a platform for showcasing their unique offerings every Friday. Beyond food coverage, Michelle excels in producing engaging features, operating cameras in the field, arranging in-studio segments, co-hosting shows, reporting traffic news, and collaborating on integrated sales content with clients.

Michelle’s achievements extend beyond her professional role. From interviewing Dolly Parton to going viral in Hungary, her influence is far-reaching. Her advocacy for food-centered small businesses led to an invitation to speak at the esteemed Detroit Policy Conference. Additionally, for five years she lent her expertise through a biweekly newsletter, where she told the stories behind the restaurants and recommended the top food spots in Metro Detroit to over 35,000 subscribers.

Michelle’s passion for the restaurant industry dates back to her early days at Local 4 in 2013. Before venturing into television, she gained hands-on experience in the restaurant industry, having worked as a waitress and a cook. A lifelong Michigander and a graduate of Michigan State University’s Honors College, Michelle embodies a deep connection to her home state.