Wrestlers, Choirs, and Betting on the Big Game

February 15, 2024

In an age where digital fragmentation is the norm, traditional advertising avenues still hold substantial sway—and none more so than the Super Bowl. Despite the array of contemporary marketing strategies, airing a commercial during the big game remains a veritable goldmine for companies aiming to boost their revenue and etch their brand into the minds of millions. 

At VVK PR + Creative, we’re no strangers to the end zone of regional Super Bowl advertising and neither are our clients. This year we produced two ads for our legal clients in Michigan and Mississippi. The Super Bowl stage, even locally, offers a unique opportunity for brands to engage with viewers through creative storytelling. The Sam Bernstein Law Firm wanted to show how they change the tune of insurance companies.

Richard Schwartz & Associates went for the absurd by turning the fight for client’s rights into an over-the-top wrestling match.

Shoot days are some of the best when you are working with a team who prioritizes both creativity and buttoned production plans coupled with engaged clients. We must give proper credit to local wrestlers who helped us pull off top-notch stunts with a bit of humor and our production partners.

Each Super Bowl spot represents the apex of collaborative spirit, blending the creativity and expertise of our team with the vision of our clients. It’s always an adventure.

-John Heiple, VP Creative Video Production