June 14, 2022: You may be asking, why would a PR and creative company like VVK make a podcast? Because we can, and because it’s fun! Is it more work? You bet…but it’s awesome work. I have been incredibly fortunate over my career in both journalism and PR to forge relationships with some amazing people. Many of those relationships began sitting across from each other at an interview table. I’m comfortable there. I love the interview process. Being curious, doing the research, asking what I hope are thoughtful questions, and then actually listening to the answers has given me some insight into subjects and people that I didn’t have before, and I love to be able to share those conversations with anyone willing to listen.  

And, now I am part of an agency with incredible reach and relationships with local, statewide and national business and community leaders.  Some are clients, many are friends, and others are intriguing people who we meet along the way.    

So, what’s in store for the VVK podcast?  It will be an art not a science.  We are letting the spirit of the time drive our programming, but you can be sure there will be good conversations with smart people at the center of it. If we can give you a little more insight into our community, then it’s totally worth the effort. Our inaugural episode is available now, with our special guest, Cindy Pasky of Strategic Staffing Solutions. Look for fresh content weekly, or more often when I get on a roll. Thanks everyone and enjoy!  

You can listen here.

Craig Fahle, PR Director